Echoes of Marley?

One of my favorite books of all time is Marley and Me by Josh Grogan. When I read it the first time I had two dogs of my own who filled my life with funny escapades…a Dalmatian and a Havaton. I wept heart-wrenching tears at all the touching moments of Marley’s life, and I laughed until I cried visualizing the antics described in Grogan’s chronicle.  I was even inspired to write my own tribute to my Dalmatian Shiner.  I thought I knew what it was like to have a dog like Marley. But I was wrong. Now…I have my own … Continue reading Echoes of Marley?

Puppy Love

Oh, Bella… O, the joys of parenting puppyhood!  Cute as she is, she is still a baby and needs lots of love and attention.  Messes are mandatory.  Middle of the night nature calls are, too. Last night was a milestone for us, though, in that she lasted six HOURS in her crate! I would have done the happy dance outside when she did her tinkle thing, but I was distracted by a rustling in the flower beds.  Something got spooked by our 6am intrusion.  Let’s hope it was a benign something and not a scary something like a coyote, bobcat, … Continue reading Puppy Love

Bella’s will

On Sunday my husband conquered knee and achilles injuries and ran the race of a lifetime in Rome, Italy.  He finished 26.2 miles in a little under 4:50. I am so proud of him and wish more than anything that I could have been there to welcome him across the finish line.  I heard he had a great celebration afterwards with some authentic, homemade Italian veal and pasta, so maybe he didn’t miss me too much! Especially since I’ve never made him veal — ever — in seventeen years of marriage.  I just have a thing for babies, I guess. … Continue reading Bella’s will

The Bunny Hunter

    Every afternoon around 4pm, my dog transforms from a cuddly lapdog to a determined hunter.  Her quarry?  Bunnies.  The mere mention of the phrase, “Is there a bunny?” fills her with such excitement that all previous thoughts of belly rubs, bacon, or peanut butter treats are abandoned.   Bunnies are the reason she exists.  No matter that the wild herbivores are almost as big as she is or that they probably weigh more than she weighs.  They are Worthy of being stalked, chased, and routed out of the flower beds, even if it takes her all day.  Or … Continue reading The Bunny Hunter

Nine Pounds of Fluff

My sleepy ears noted the hum of the air conditioner as it kicked on at 1 am this morning.  I also detected the occasional whir of the refrigerator as it cycled on and off, keeping our milk and other perishables cool this sweaty August in the early morning hours. An hour earlier I padded to the couch looking for relief from the low back pain that the heating pad couldn’t erase.  As I contorted my body just-so, with my back propped up by the back of the couch and a pillow tucked right where my neck needs it, I heard … Continue reading Nine Pounds of Fluff