A View from My Finder

I am in the photo zone these days. Everywhere I look I seem to be looking through a viewfinder.  I’ve had some success with some shots and some very horrible messed up shots that I won’t tell you about because we all know I’m perfect, right? Wrong!  But I’m having fun and only got frustrated one time today. I can tell that I’m in my groove when I take photos because I completely lose track of time, and then when I’m finished taking photos for awhile I tend to be in an altered state of mind.  You know how a … Continue reading A View from My Finder

Bringing beauty and truth into focus

Hanging by a thread. Standing on your last legs. At the end of your rope. Clinging to hope. These are phrases that come to mind when I examine this photo that I took for my first photography assignment. These last two stalwarts stubbornly hang on to the tree in our front yard — all the high wind and rain we’ve had lately have not yet shaken these shriveled and used up leaves loose. The assignment was to bracket our photos so that we shoot three pictures of each subject: one at the correct exposure (seen above), one underexposed, and one … Continue reading Bringing beauty and truth into focus

Point, Squint, and Shoot, Manually Speaking

This strange conglomeration of bright colors was my view into the pool this cool January afternoon. When I took the shot I wasn’t aware of the deep blue color reflecting back from the sky.  I know it isn’t a gorgeous photo, but it is special to me nonetheless because I took the shot after bravely putting my fancy dancy camera on “M” for Manual! Although my left eye feels a bit punchy from all the squinting, I am now familiar enough with the two main dials on my camera to adjust the aperture and the shutter speed until the little … Continue reading Point, Squint, and Shoot, Manually Speaking