Lessons and Reflections

Top Ten Things I’ve Learned This Fall 10. Ask clients to remove their glasses. I secured my first major photo shoot — at Southfork Ranch, of all places — and learned all sorts of things about setting up soft boxes and staging a scene for portraits.  All went well — my husband and daughter attended with me and assisted in taking candid photographs. However, when I got home I realized that the birthday girl’s glasses had some sort of coating on them that reflected the soft box lights GREEN!  I stayed up past 2am editing out the alien eyes, and … Continue reading Lessons and Reflections

A Righteous Choice

Confession: two nights this past week I ate potato chips for dinner, and nothing else. I was going to write a lament about food allergies, but instead I find the Lord directing my thoughts in a different direction.  While I ate potato chips because I couldn’t find anything non-allergenic to eat, there are many people in this world who would ration an entire bag of potato chips because it was the ONLY food in the house. While I fret about whether or not food bought in restaurants contain wheat/soy/high fructose corn syrup/whey, there are hungry folks in my own neighborhood … Continue reading A Righteous Choice