I’ll Run That Bridge When I Get To It

This is a guest post, written by my husband over at 10Bits: The doctor said, “Here’s your prescription for Lipitor.” After a Mayo Clinic executive physical, I drove away knowing I was fat, had high cholesterol, and high risk indicators for heart disease.  Being an executive has its perks.  Mostly I was thinking, Lipitor? I just turned 40!  I asked the doctor if I “had” to take the Lipitor. He replied, “You either have to take it, or you have to start working out and taking care of yourself. Obviously that’s not going to happen.” So…I lost 45 pounds, ran 2 half marathons, a sprint triathlon, … Continue reading I’ll Run That Bridge When I Get To It

In Honor of Lt. Richard McBride

Dear Rich, Twenty years ago today, you followed Christ to the end of your life on earth when you laid down your own to help save the lives of your fellow naval airmen.  I did not know you or your family then, but your life impacts mine in ways that neither of us could have dreamed.  You see, I met your little brother the same year you entered Jordan, only, at 6’2″, he wasn’t exactly little anymore!  A few years later, I married him and took your precious family to be my own. I never met you, Rich, but you … Continue reading In Honor of Lt. Richard McBride