Cropping out Pluralism

  Last night’s sunset was breathtaking in its splendor. I was late to an essential oils party because I HAD to stop and try to capture it.  There are many times that I want to stop and capture images because something about them capture me. I really like photography because, in a way, as the photographer I get to manipulate reality. Using my zoom lens, I can cut out all the distracting elements that otherwise clutter the scene. If I’m using a fixed lens, I can cut out the distracting elements later, using the ever-helpful crop tool. Sometimes I wonder … Continue reading Cropping out Pluralism

Stone Cold

Trying to type on a notebook computer keyboard while wearing gloves is an interesting experience.  It’s a wonder I am actually hitting the correct keys with my fingers swaddled in acrylic and rayon.  Yet somehow I’m hitting the mark.  I’d brag about my keyboarding skills but really I think it comes down to muscle memory and positioning. Why am I typing while wearing gloves?  Because my fingers are freezing, that’s why!  Plus I am sitting here at the ice rink watching my daughter re-tie her skates with fingers that, by the way, are NOT gloved.  There she is out there … Continue reading Stone Cold

Lessons and Reflections

Top Ten Things I’ve Learned This Fall 10. Ask clients to remove their glasses. I secured my first major photo shoot — at Southfork Ranch, of all places — and learned all sorts of things about setting up soft boxes and staging a scene for portraits.  All went well — my husband and daughter attended with me and assisted in taking candid photographs. However, when I got home I realized that the birthday girl’s glasses had some sort of coating on them that reflected the soft box lights GREEN!  I stayed up past 2am editing out the alien eyes, and … Continue reading Lessons and Reflections

Tick Tock

One of my all-time favorite movies is Dirty Dancing.  I was a dancer as a youngling and grew quite famous for it in my former imaginary life.  I watched and re-watched Flashdance and Fame (the old versions) and still harbor a secret desire to learn how to do the Salsa with my hubby. So when reviewing the images I took of my daughter during one of her skating lessons yesterday, this one made my heart jump all the way into my throat: When exactly did my little girl get so grown up?  She’s almost as tall as her coach!  When … Continue reading Tick Tock

Aiming Higher

Last week I traversed the sidewalks in my neighborhood channeling my inner Jimmy Olsen (the photographer who accompanied Clark Kent, AKA Superman, on his fact-finding missions).  The camera I wore around my neck clunked and swung back and forth against my belly button because I haven’t bothered to figure out how to shorten the straps.  I want to get into the habit of taking my camera everywhere with me — mostly because I always seem to find things I want to capture on those days that I don’t have it with me.  Sigh. My husband was at a boy’s night … Continue reading Aiming Higher