Avenue P

I feel a bit like I’m stuck in a time warp.  Three and a half years ago we lost our Dalmatian Shiner after a long battle with various aging issues.  He stopped chasing the ball. He creaked and groaned and grumbled and was in constant pain from arthritis in his spine and hips.  He began pooping everywhere, even in his sleep, unable to control the most basic of body functions.  We treated him with a range of medications, from homeopathic to traditional, but finally his quality of his life (and ours), not to mention the cleanliness of our home, brought … Continue reading Avenue P

Saving Bella

  Our Bella has been a very sick puppy this week.  Right on the heels of recovering from a nasty bout of Kennel Cough, she developed an autoimmune disease called juvenile cellulitis…or, as it is commonly known, puppy strangles. I’ve read more about this condition than I care to recount.  I am glad I have a sharp veterinarian who diagnosed her illness quickly because without treatment it can be fatal. How It Began At first I thought Bella had been bitten or stung by an insect or a snake.  On Thursday of last week she had what looked like styes … Continue reading Saving Bella