What did I just write?

Sleep deprivation is most certainly linked to memory loss….and I have the miles on my car to prove it! Last night I experienced “restless leg syndrome” in my legs, my feet, my knees, my arms, my wrists, my hands…even my tongue kept having this weird tingling sensation.  I wrestled with the sheets for awhile, did the Icy Heat thing.  When that didn’t work I added the heating pad even though the directions explicitly warn consumers NOT to pair heating pads with the medicine.  But I had more restless parts than heating pads, so I got up. Walked a bit.  Stretched. … Continue reading What did I just write?

Thirteen Little Things

Just a few random thoughts tonight that I thought I’d share with you lovely readers. I have the music to the Seussical Jr. musical running through my head due to the fact that my daughter’s auditions are in two days.  If I belt out “A-mazing Mazie” or “The Thinks You Can Think,” please insert ear plugs and give me a little grace.  I can’t help it.  Those songs are just too cute! And addicting. My memory card/computer/camera/virus/dog ate my photography class homework.  I was thrilled to start shooting photos today as part of my homework.  I set those f-stops and … Continue reading Thirteen Little Things