Once Upon This Time

Once upon a time, I was an archeologist.  The thrill of ancient discoveries eclipsed the drudgery, toil, and sweat until I hardly even noticed them. I also led an exciting life as a special agent, traveling the world incognito. (I would tell you some of the places I’ve been, except that’s classified.) Perhaps one of my more gruesome jobs was serving as a medical examiner, and my most political one involved the underground resistance to an oppressive regime that forced children to fight to the death. I survived the Civil War, held on to Tara, and lost my true love … Continue reading Once Upon This Time

A Girl’s Best Friends, Part II

As I write this, my sweet “firstborn” is curled up at my feet.  The dog.  Not the daughter! My old Dalmatian is getting older every day, it seems.  His best love, other than food, of course, has been chasing balls.  Especially tennis balls.  Even today he gets so excited his wobbly body wiggles all over when we bring home a sleeve of new tennis balls.  His ears and eyes might not work so great anymore, but there’s nothing wrong with his smeller!  A police officer friend who trained canines told us once that our dog would be a natural police … Continue reading A Girl’s Best Friends, Part II