God of This City

Today in church we revisited the hard-hitting book of James. Our pastor called us out — in a nation where 82% of the people profess to be Christians, how much of that profession is true? True faith occurs when we start acting like we believe what we say we believe. We are God’s workmanship — we are the pottery he created — and he has a special purpose for each one of us. If we keep on living the way we were living before we were saved — if there is no discernible change in the way we behave Monday … Continue reading God of This City

Blessed Assurance

There is so much to pray about that I don’t even know where to start.  Our country’s leaders.  The people sorting through rubbish and trying to pick up their lives after Hurricane Ike.  My brother-in-law’s brain tumor.  Safety for my husband as he comes back home from a long week away at work.  The economic turmoil everywhere I look.  The teachers in Dallas who will be losing their jobs due to last year’s 64 million dollar budget shortfall.  Problems in the marriages of some dear friends.  And the unmentionable requests that my Father in heaven already knows about. At times … Continue reading Blessed Assurance