Demolish the IRS…Vote for Huckabee!

huckwindshield.jpgLook carefully and you’ll see my decorated windshield for Huckabee!  If you’re a Huckabee supporter, decorating your windshield is a great way to spread the word.

Taxes generate revenue to keep our government functioning.  I don’t dispute the need for a people to submit to taxation for the public good…what I do object to is the current method of taxation.  It is antiquated and confusing. It is ironic that one of the most complicated pieces of legislation in the history of the US was started by one of the shortest amendments to the US Constitution.  Amendment 16 states:

The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.

I graduated from college with a 4.0 GPA.  Granted, I majored in education, not in math or in accounting.  But all Americans who earn over a certain amount of income are to be taxed…what?  How is a person supposed to follow the law if he or she can’t even understand it?  Here’s a sample from the US Tax Code on the section about the alternative minimum tax (whatever that is):

There is hereby imposed (in addition to any other tax imposed by this subtitle) a tax equal to the excess (if any) of—
(1) the tentative minimum tax for the taxable year, over
(2) the regular tax for the taxable year.

(b) Tentative minimum tax

For purposes of this part—

(1) Amount of tentative tax (A) Noncorporate taxpayers (i) In general In the case of a taxpayer other than a corporation, the tentative minimum tax for the taxable year is the sum of—

(I) 26 percent of so much of the taxable excess as does not exceed $175,000, plus

(II) 28 percent of so much of the taxable excess as exceeds $175,000.

Okay, do you understand that gobbledygook?  I sure don’t.  I got lost after the first line!  When my house gets cluttered, I go on a “flylady” frenzy.  I weed things out, throw things out, give things away.  Sometimes I throw everything out and start over.  For example, I took a good look at the shoes in my closet.  Some of these shoes have been in my possession since before I met my husband fifteen years ago.  They looked it.  Why was I holding on to them?  I won’t gross you out with the description, but suffice it to say that I tossed many pairs in the trash because they were unfit to even be passed on to Goodwill.

Our current tax code is a lot like my old grubby shoes: antiquated, scuffed up, unrecognizable from its first intention, and it needs to be tossed into the nearest dumpster.  Any system that penalizes productivity (and it does, people — the more  you make, the more you have to pay, so why bother trying to make more?).  Mike  Huckabee agrees with me.  He’s the only presidential candidate still standing who rips up IRS forms into tiny pieces on the campaign trail; he wants to abolish the IRS and replace income taxes with a consumption tax.

Mike Huckabee did not ‘invent’ the FairTax (unlike Gore, who obviously invented the internet).  A group of leading economists tasked with creating a “dream economy’ came up with the FairTax plan.  This system would fund our government by assessing taxes on what we spend (or consume).  The very poor would be exempt from these taxes.  The rest of us could minimize our taxes by buying USED instead of buying new; the tax would be paid only when it’s new.  So, as a taxpayer in the market for a new car, I might be more inclined to buy a used car than a new one because the tax would already have been paid.  But even if I want to buy new, the net effect on my purse wouldn’t seem any worse than it does now.  Why?  Because ALL taxes would be eliminated, even for businesses.  The “fees” added into the price of the car wouldn’t be there anymore.  Those “fees” on your phone bill, your electric bill, your gas bill — those are taxes the government demands from businesses who in turn pass them on to us.  So the price of those things would drop.

Huckabee does not try to reinvent the wheel.  He looks to the experts to help him determine what he thinks would be best.  He does not take credit for these ideas, but he gets out there behind  them and supports them.  He looked at what the experts said about the FairTax, evaluated it, and then decided it would be best.  He did the same with his stance on immigration reform and has the backing of the founder of the Minutemen because of it.  This shows what kind of leader Mike Huckabee truly is.  He’s willing to work with anyone (Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc) to get the job done (see his stance on ‘vertical politics).  He is what my husband would say “results-driven.”  He wants results and leads by setting a vision and then letting the free markets go to work.

Here are some verses about wisdom.  See where Huckabee can be found:

Proverbs 10
14 Wise men store up knowledge,
but the mouth of a fool invites ruin.

Huckabee graduated college in a mere 2.5 years…magna cum laude!  If that’s not storing up knowledge, I’m not sure what else is.  As I mentioned earlier, I also graduated magna cum laude with a 4.0 GPA, but it didn’t come easily.  It took me five years.  I can only imagine the drive and determination it must have taken for Governor Huckabee to accomplish so much in so little time.

Proverbs 12
15 The way of a fool seems right to him,
but a wise man listens to advice.

Huckabee listens to the “best of the best” when forming policies.  As Governor of Arkansas, he appointed a homeschooling dad to the State Board of Education.  He was willing to take advice from a homeschooler — someone definitely outside of the mainstream.  I like a candidate who allows his way to be led by God, not by political parties.

Ecclesiastes 10
The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.

Huckabee made a joke about that one during his speech at the 2008 CPAC convention…isn’t it funny to know that the Bible backs up our ‘right-wing’ affiliation?

Daniel 2
21 He changes times and seasons;
he sets up kings and deposes them.
He gives wisdom to the wise
and knowledge to the discerning.

The Lord has given wisdom to Mike Huckabee, and he’s given him knowledge.  You don’t have to believe me: just listen to him, and you’ll see for yourself.  Whenever Huckabee is given the chance to speak, people are drawn to his wisdom and his common sense approach to the problems facing our nation today.  Wisconsin’s primary is tomorrow, and Huckabee has been campaigning heavily in that state over the past week or so, with remarkable — some might even say supernatural — results.

Is McCain truly the “heir apparent?”  I think the Goliath News Media will be great surprised — again — at the results.  In just one week’s time, Mike Huckabee rose in the polls in Wisconsin from 4% to 42%! He is now within the margin of error to McCain’s 46%.  Huckabee has the momentum — and wisdom — to win!  For those of you fuzzy on math like me, that’s a 38 point jump to McCain’s 6 point loss!  The people of Wisconsin have now met Mike Huckabee, and they like what they see.

Apparently I’m not the only one who likes the idea of putting the IRS out of business.  Thank you, Mike Huckabee, for bringing this issue to the mainstream!

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