Out of the mouths of babes…

p1100127My daughter is having a very difficult time as Saturday grows closer. She crossed out every Saturday in her school planner book because she said she didn’t want to be reminded.

I remember before she was two, one of her favorite phrases was “Shiner’s outside” or “Shiner’s at home.” Most people couldn’t quite understand her because it sounded more like, “Siner’s owside.” One day my husband came back from a business trip and told her,

Home is where the heart is!”

Then she proceeded to correct him, saying,

No, Daddy! Home is where Shiner is!”

This memory, and others like them, both comforts me and makes me unbearably sad! But after last night’s all-night cleaning vigil, I know it’s time. It just breaks my heart to know that home will no longer be where Shiner is.

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