An Open Letter to the Senate, Congress, and President Obama

Dear Senator, Congressman, and President Obama:

The current economic stimulus bill is so large and cumbersome that it is ripe for corruption. It would be very easy for one of your colleagues to sneak in provisions that have absolutely nothing to do with stimulating the economy and everything to do with satisfying corporate campaign donors.

If, as President Obama suggested yesterday, our economy will not recover without a 1 trillion dollar injection (in addition to the 700 billion passed last fall), then my husband and I propose a different way to spend 1 trillion dollars.

Cut a $3,300 check to every man, woman and child; then sit back and watch the economy grow as families use this money in the marketplace.  For some families, this would be the first time they had enough cash at one time to pay the down payment on a home.  For others, it may be the way they can replace the car that is sitting up on blocks in the driveway.  A few families might use the money for college, or for investments, or for starting small businesses.  But the power to choose where the money is spent would be taken OUT of Washington’s hands and put back in the hands of We the People.

Or better yet, the federal government could suspend all payroll and income taxes for one year.  The additional income families receive will most definitely be used to stimulate the economy.

As conservatives in favor of small government, we’d prefer it if there was NO stimulus package ever passed.  Nothing fundamental has changed.  We are still Americans.  We are still as smart as we were before the stock market went under.  We are innovative and have ingenuity.  The last time I checked, we were still One Nation Under God, not One Nation Under Economic Stimulus Package.

Please talk some common sense into the nightmare that is brewing up there in Washington.

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