Give me liberty…not debt

So said the sign my daughter and I carried at a Tea Party today.  We joined with at least 500 others in all walks of life protesting the “Big Government” mentality of the current — and past — administration.  There were people my age and younger, some with young children.  There were also a few ladies and gentlemen who walked with the aid of canes and walkers, proudly waving American flags and signs.  Some of my favorites said,

  • Taxpayers are not ATMs.
  • Socialism is fine until you run out of other people’s money.
  • Next time, Read the Bill.
  • TEA: Taxed Enough Already

Faces of many nationalities marched along the sidewalk with us.  We weren’t members of one particular political party; in fact, we were, if anything, ANTI-political party.  Republicans AND Democrats got our country into this financial mess.  No politicians gave flowery speeches.  We were just ordinary Americans taking an hour out of our day to protest our dismay over the direction OUR country is headed.

This was my first political protest, and it served as a valuable lesson in our homeschool journey.  In our country, we have the freedom to peacefully assemble.  We have a right to speak our minds.  We are, according to one sign I saw, a

Silent Majority No Longer

No one dumped tea in the municipal fountain.  Hopefully, when our elected leaders see the thousands of voters across America waving tea bags, they will remember their REAL employer: we the people.  This is a wake-up call, Congress.  Stop the wild spending.   Balance the budget.  Make getting us out of debt a priority.  Or else forfeit your right to represent us.  Because instead of dumping tea in the harbor, we’ll be like Donald Trump in the voting booth and say,

You’re Fired.

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