Thoughts all a jumble

My thoughts are in a jumble tonight.

I’ve been reading a book about the Holy Spirit. Much of what I am reading I agree with…but then I googled the author of the book and found that many “apologetics” consider him a heretic.

Why? Because he said that in the Scriptures, Jesus never preached the Bible. Jesus preached the Kingdom of God.

The apologetic writer asserts that it is impossible to separate the two and that when Jesus was preaching about the Kingdom of God, since the Word is God (John 1), he was also preaching the Word.

It makes me feel like I am in over my head!

I am no Bible scholar. I am a Christian woman who seeks after the heart of God. I want passion in my worship and in my life. I want to be all about pointing others towards God’s glory.

But I don’t want to accidentally lay hold of and believe a false teaching, though, being deceived by the kernel of truth in it.

How I wish I had the training to discern such things logically!

All I know tonight is that I do not want to adhere to a doctrine that limits the power of God in any way, shape or form. God is God. He is just as able to heal, to encourage, to go before and to lift up as He was in the days in which the New Testament (and OT) were penned. To say that somehow he allowed miracles to die away is actually adding something false to scripture.

No one doctrine is 100% correct…because we are people. We aren’t God. We fail in our attempts to put the God of creation in a context we can understand.

At any rate, I put the book down because I need to read for myself and investigate spiritual gifts.

I must learn to rest and know that God knows my heart and my motivations. He knows that I want to be in love with Jesus yet don’t really know the way. I love him; he knows that. But I know some people who are IN love with him. Is there a difference? I think there is, in terms of passion and drive. The people who put the Lord first in everything they do, who think about him, who talk to him in prayer conversationally throughout the day, who regularly “feed” on His word and who are passionate about loving the people around them…those are the ones who are IN love with Jesus. I’m still kicking myself for forgetting to say the blessing tonight at dinner. I am not in that league. I still sin and need His forgiveness every single day.

He has already brought me peace tonight as I write these words: God does not change. People do.

I can rest on that truth.

One thought on “Thoughts all a jumble

  1. >> How I wish I had the training to discern such things logically!

    The truth is that spiritual things are not “logically discerned”…they’re spiritually discerned. That’s what 1 Corinthians 2 tells us. That doesn’t mean that we’ll understand something instantly, or that we’ll ever understand everything…but that God will reveal to us what He needs us to know at the time we need to know it.

    If you’re a Christian, the Holy Spirit lives in you. That gives you access to ALL of the wisdom of the universe. Ask and trust that God will help you. He will reveal truth to you in lots of ways, but He will confirm truth for you spiritually.

    The writer is wrong when he says that Jesus never preached ‘the Bible’. For them, ‘the Scriptures’ were the Old Testament, and Jesus preached from it CONSTANTLY. Now, it’s possible that the writer meant that and that it’s been lost in translation…but when things bother you, do EXACTLY what you’re doing: take the time to explore your doubts. Pray about them. Ask Godly men and women what they think. Study some more.

    And don’t kick yourself for anything…learn from your mistakes, pray about your mission, and do what you can when you can. Love comes over time, through experience.

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