Not about Job

Today was a long day with our Classical Conversations homeschooling group.  I’m tired and grumpy and just want to go to bed.  So Job will just have to wait until after I get a bath!

The discouraging news I received today is another in my health odyssey.  It seems that the CT scans that I have had showed some scar tissue on the upper regions of both lungs.  When I got home today, there was a message on my voice mail from a pulminologist’s office.  Apparently the oncologist referred me to the pulminologist for further ????

I’m sick of the doctor merry-go-round.  So I looked up “scar tissue on upper lungs” and read all sorts of fascinating and terrifying things about TB, cancer, etc.  One of the things the oncologist mentioned was that TB scarring usually happens in the upper lungs.  I have never had TB, to my knowledge.  But according to what I read, if I have scarring and have never been treated, I need a skin test.  If it is positive, I’d need SIX MONTHS of antibiotics, perhaps longer.

Not. Me.  I think I’ll just stick my head in the sand on this one.

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