Leviticus 19-21:Holy Instructions

Chapter 19 contains many themes that Jesus personified, such as love your neighbor as yourself.
Be kind to the poor (leave the edges of the field unharvested, and do not strip every last grape from your vines in order to help provide for the poor and the foreigners.)

I wonder how that command applies to today, when very few of us own fields? Giving money and food to the food banks is a lot like leaving behind food for the poor in the fields.

After giving his people a holy instruction, the Lord reiterates why the people should behave in the way he tells them to behave:

“I am the Lord your God.”

That phrase and variations of it appear fifteen times in Chapter 19 alone!

Because of who our God is, we are called to live holy lives, separate from the world.

I visited my grandmother today. It was so precious to me to sit beside her and hold her hand. It made me feel like I was ten years old again! She is a beautiful, talented woman of God, and I am honored to be her granddaughter.

The people who live way out in the boonies definitely live lives that are set apart from the rest of the world. Stepping in the red clay soil on the backwoods roads of East Texas is like stepping onto another planet. The slow, lazy pace of life gives a person room to breathe, to appreciate each day, and to live in the Present…and in the Presence.

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