Amazing Grace

Amazing Grace.  Those words have new meaning to me today.

For nearly two years, I’ve been suffering from periods so painful that I was on the brink of getting a hysterectomy just to find relief.  I’ve dreaded that time of the month with palatable fear because I knew what kind of pain I was about to experience…the kind that no medication helps.  The kind that causes my lower back to hurt worse than it did during labor when I had my daughter.  The kind that doubles me up, causes me to lose my appetite, and brings on nausea. The severe pain brought on fibromyalgia pain, which brought on more pain and anxiety, all in a vicious cycle. Four different OB/GYN doctors recommended, at a minimum, a diagnostic laparoscopy to remove endometrial lesions.

Yet something in my spirit wasn’t settled with the idea of surgery.  I was afraid of it, to be sure.  Who gets excited about surgery, after all?

I’ve prayed over my condition.  I’ve had hands laid on me.  My friends and family have prayed for me. Then the Lord opened a door through a conversation I had with one of my Classical Conversation families.  They told me about a doctor in Corpus Christi who uses unorthodox, non-surgical, and drug-free methods to treat painful conditions.

I visited Dr. Rhode’s Pain Defeat clinic in Corpus Christi the first week of November and began using his VECTTOR machine twice a day as prescribed.  After using the treatments for a little over a week, I had my period, and it still hurt terribly.  I felt a bit let down and depressed.  I wondered if I was going to need surgery after all and even had surgery scheduled for this past week, but I cancelled.  Dr. Rhodes told me that the effects of the treatments are cumulative and that the longer I used the machine, the better I would feel.  He was right.

Did you hear that sound?  That was me shouting “Whoo-Hoo!” at the top of my lungs!  This month I warily anticipated the arrival of my period.  Having it begin right in the middle of a bad cold and bout with laryngitis didn’t help, either.  This month my pain has been nothing.  I’ve had some cramping, but it was much more like the normal kind I used to get — the kind that was responsive to pain medication.  The machine turned my 12-out of a scale of one to ten pain to about a 3 on the pain scale…totally livable.  I’m still in shock.  Yes, the doctor told me that my pain would go away.  Yes, my fibro pain has been much improved…but a part of me was skeptical about it stopping the period pain because it’s been with me for so long.  After all, the doctor is not the Lord.

But the Lord used the doctor to get my body back on track!  I feel like dancing in the streets.  I feel as if the Lord has rescued me!

Yea, God!  You heard my prayer.  You have provided a road to healing for me that does not involve drugs or surgery!!  My chains are gone….I’ve been set free…You have given me absolute amazing grace.

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