My girl is back from camp, and all is right with the world.

There’s a mountain of red-dirt-stained laundry piled up in the laundry room…but I don’t care.  My eyes are gritty from the foray into Pollen Kingdom, but I don’t care. My girl is back from camp, tired, slightly sunburned, and filled to the brim with lessons she learned about the Lord as well as loads of new and renewed friendships.

Coming home is a bit of a letdown for her.  We don’t have a boat or a lake or waterskis or a climbing rock. Nor do we play night games like Gestapo and Underground Church…but I’ll bet we could round up some teens and play it after dark in the neighborhood! We don’t have horses to ride or a shooting range or a giant mud pit.

But what we do have is loads and loads of love, homemade pizza, pure cane sugar Dr. Pepper, and mamma’s touch to help ease a sore throat. We have a giant bathtub for soaking and a pool for splashing. We have each other.

My heart is full.

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