Dirty Old Men

The Age of “Dirty Old Men” is officially dead.  “Just pay him no mind — He don’t mean no harm. He’s just a DIRTY OLD MAN,” people would say, and then they’d shake their heads and roll their eyes. There wasn’t anything we could do about it because you know, they were men, and boys will be boys.

Roy Moore, this is me at 14.
I’m glad I lived far away from Alabama. But even if I hadn’t, my dad would have drop-kicked you to kingdom come had you even tried to look at me that way.


These DIRTY OLD MEN were part of the GOOD OLD BOY network. As a woman, I never had an invitation to the GOOD OLD BOYS, but I’ve seen how they cover for each other. It’s happening right now in Alabama, with some GOOD OLD BOYS giving Christianity a bad name by their allegiance to political party over righteousness. (Franklin Graham, I’m looking at you.)

If there’s one thing about Donald Trump’s presidency that is redeeming, it’s that this culture that makes excuses for Dirty Old Men is finally being exposed. Triggered by women who were fed up at the “locker room talk” exposed during the election, transparency and truth are lancing the puss-filled mentality of the moral majority that looked the other way while men groped, grabbed and harassed. In fact, we looked so far away that we allowed a president who sexually harassed an intern to stay in office (Clinton should have resigned). We looked so far away that we allowed our senators to confirm a sexual harasser to the highest court of the land (Thomas should resign). And now we’ve looked so far away that we elected a man who bragged about grabbing women by their privates, walked in on naked teenage beauty pageant contestants, and boasted about getting away with it (Trump should resign).

Thanks to Trump, we aren’t looking away anymore. Hey, Dirty Old Men: we do not want your tongues stuck down our throats or your hands pawing our bodies. Your power is not attractive, and we’re not scared of you anymore.

Here’s the deal, people. Treat each other with respect and dignity. Do not touch anyone without his or her consent. Do not reduce your fellow human beings into objects. The days of being dirty are over. It’s time to clean house.

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