christiepic.jpgI am a homeschool mother of one beautiful daughter and a fabulous hunk of a husband who the Lord dropped in my life just as sure as he makes the sun rise each day. With their encouragement, I write this blog to share my faith in the LORD, in Jesus Christ, and to document the stops and starts and hairpin turns along the way. Being a Christian isn’t about being perfect. It’s about walking (well, sometimes sprinting, sometimes crawling) a journey with our savior. It’s about having a relationship with the very one who created me. He speaks to me through His word. Sometimes, he sends the Holy Spirit to whisper truths to me and then verifies it when he has my friends, pastors, family speak the same truth to me. He also speaks to me as I write. As I write words on this blog, there have been moments when a sudden insight grabs hold of me and my fingers fly over the keyboard. I look over my words and think: whoa. Did I just write that? That had to have been a God-thing! When traveling the road the Lord has set before me, it helps to reflect on the scenery. Glad you stopped in to visit!

A friend cautioned me that blogging does not lend itself to having accountable relationships. It is dangerous to believe everything you read simply because it is there to read it. So I urge you to do this one thing: TEST everything. Hold my words up to Scripture. If they are somehow untrue, then let me know about it. My goal is to share Jesus. That’s it.

There are so many unspeakable things out there in cyberspace. I think it is important for Christians to rise up and STAND firm in the faith. I pray that my words will be as much of an encouragement to you to read as they are to me to write them.

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  1. Dear EverFaith — The LORD has led me to your blog today, and through your words, He has blessed me. Thank you.

    Now through my words, may He also bless you.

    Though we will probably never meet in person in this life, through our mutual faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we will certainly meet in heaven, living in His magnificence forever.

    Yahweh uses our testimonies on earth to tell His truth, so that unbelievers may come to know the Lord, and so that believers will be encouraged in their walk with the Lord.

    All praise to our Almighty God, His One Son, and His Holy Spirit.

  2. Your dedication with your Bible reading challenge is inspiring. My prayer is that God will use you for His glory, and that He will bless you in abundance on the way.

  3. Hi there, I just stumbled across your blog and found it most inspiring!! I am tutoring Challenge A this fall (Next week Tuesday is our first day) and have a son in Challenge 1… I’m having a hard time putting together a schedule for Challenge 1 to give to my son… He is a bit more dependent on me to keep him organized… He has Dyslexia and this is one of those area’s he struggles most with (Organization) so I really need to help him… can you email me a private message on anything or anyway you may be able to help me with this? Thank you for all you share and all you are doing!!

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