Change, it is a’comin!

I started this blog nearly nine years ago. Since then, our family has seen a great deal of change…such as: a miscarriage…a growing girl…a dying, beloved Dalmatian…a marathon runner…fibromyalgia…a hysterectomy…a teenaged girl…a new canine friend…speech and debate…churches…homeschool co-ops…Classical Conversations…dual credit classes…photography…and … Continue reading Change, it is a’comin!

Making it Count

This is the tale of a young man who has shown me what it means to press on towards the goal. His story inspires me, and I pray it will inspire you as well! The tale is about a young man who I will call “Clayton.” Clayton is a speech and debate student I have had the privilege to teach. To just look at him compete, you would think that he is one of those genius naturals who were born for the stage. His exuberance for performance stems from a genuine desire to make a difference, whether it be to bring others laughter or … Continue reading Making it Count

The High School Homeschool Tightrope

I’m walking on a tightrope in the dark — thrilling chills and terrifying fears lurch in my belly.  I haven’t actually joined the circus.  Instead, I am taking a hike off the well-paved homeschool trail, forging a path of my own.  We are up a creek, so to speak, without a paddle.  And can I tell you?  It feels glorious! Libertarianism has seeped into my educational philosophy, and I find myself thinking things that two years ago I never would have thought in a zillion years.  I’ve been harboring dangerous thoughts lately, especially for a control-freak like me, such as: … Continue reading The High School Homeschool Tightrope

Twenty things I wish I had known about CC’s Challenge Program

Everything I wish someone had told me before my daughter started Classical Conversation’s Challenge Program… Get everything in the guide written on a schedule.  If it’s not explicitly written down, one or both of us forget it! Give her space and room.  Don’t be a helicopter.  This is her time to make mistakes, grow, and learn to be responsible. Sit down and do all the math with her every day.  The challenge of “beating mom” has turned math time from agony into a fast-and-furious math throw-down.  She’s in Challenge 1 this year, and this is the first year I’m doing the math with her each day. … Continue reading Twenty things I wish I had known about CC’s Challenge Program