In the Quiet

The quiet moves in on soft kitten feet as I close and lock the door and watch the taillights fade away. My daughter and husband are on their way to school and to work, and I am left alone to complete my household chores, in quiet. Oh, how my soul rejoices and soaks in the sounds of solitude. Soft, downy pillows surround my heart when I have a few moments with the house to myself. I can be me with no pressure to be someone I am not.  I love my family fiercely but find angst in my heart because … Continue reading In the Quiet

Overcoming Shutter Stutter

Tomorrow my photography class is taking a field trip to practice getting shots of architecture.  I’m excited about the opportunity to shoot lines, angles, and interesting elements. Yet I still have not even started taking portraits, which was last week’s assignment.  My consternation is I want to be artistic as I compose portraits. I’d like to use candlelight, Rembrandt lighting (where part of the face is in shadow), framing the face, shooting from below, shooting from above, profiles, focusing in on just the eyes, focusing in on just the hands, etc.  My ideas spill over but my gumption slides down … Continue reading Overcoming Shutter Stutter

Silvering Waters

“Silvering Waters.”  ISO 100, f/10, 20″ Neighbors peeking out their back windows last night would have been treated to a view of The Happy Dance after I experimented with this shot by the creek.  I’d seen a friend’s photo taken down in a canyon where the water appeared soft and wispy, and I wanted to achieve the same effect.  Granted, her photo had lots of color as it was taken somewhere in Utah surrounded by canyons, a blue sky overhead, and plenty of rushing water.  All I had was a barely trickling creek, but I am so happy that the … Continue reading Silvering Waters

Chasing Butterflies

I revisited my inner girl today and chased butterflies through a field. But not this one.  He posed for me last summer, back when I still shot everything on Auto. Today all the butterflies were in league to frustrate my attempts to capture them on my camera. Just as I would zoom in for a close up, away they flew. There’s only so much running a forty-something with a heavy camera hanging around her neck will do. The closest I came to these yellow babies was this: Shame on those uncooperative butterflies.  I just couldn’t compete with the early nectar … Continue reading Chasing Butterflies