Little Pieces of Glory

Not bad for photography basics!  After completing the six week course, I now know more about my camera than I ever learned just by dabbling with it myself.  Of course now that I know more about cameras, I am already salivating about a new camera body and new lenses, a tripod, a light meter, and all sorts of other accessories that  I didn’t know about before taking this class.  I think perhaps the school is in cahoots with camera manufacturers! The shutter speed for the above shot was 30 seconds.  The room was pitch black, and my daughter carried a … Continue reading Little Pieces of Glory

The Ideal

My photography assignment this week was to create one photo that is “The Ideal.”  I’ve had a tough time distilling that phrase into real life.  I took several landscape shots that to me represent the beauty of God’s creation, like this one:   And then I took a few close-ups of the flowers blooming — early — in my backyard. On my way home from taking my daughter to school, this horse posed for me.  I’ve been wanting to get a shot of him every time I pass, but usually he’s out in the middle of his yard, paying me … Continue reading The Ideal

Reflecting God’s Glory With 100 ISO

So much of what I am learning in my photography class is translating into new insights about God’s wisdom and glory. For example, today I’ve been pondering how a camera’s sensitivity to light (ISO) is somewhat similar to a person’s sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Hold on to your hats for a second, because my analogy is a bit far fetched. But I’ll explain it anyway. Because it’s Valentine’s Day, and I can. Back in the days of film, ISO was a measurement of how sensitive a particular roll of film was to light.  In today’s digital cameras, ISO is … Continue reading Reflecting God’s Glory With 100 ISO

A View from My Finder

I am in the photo zone these days. Everywhere I look I seem to be looking through a viewfinder.  I’ve had some success with some shots and some very horrible messed up shots that I won’t tell you about because we all know I’m perfect, right? Wrong!  But I’m having fun and only got frustrated one time today. I can tell that I’m in my groove when I take photos because I completely lose track of time, and then when I’m finished taking photos for awhile I tend to be in an altered state of mind.  You know how a … Continue reading A View from My Finder