America the Beautiful

I am overwhelmed with gratitude this day. Our country is unique in our graceful and peaceful transfer of power…as our leaders pass the baton according to the votes of the American people. There are no rioters in the streets on this day after the election. Those of us who supported McCain now turn our hearts to the good of our country and acknowledge that God’s plans are higher and loftier than anything we can possibly fathom. President Bush’s speech this morning was one of the best examples of the beautiful American spirit that I have ever heard. Regardless of your … Continue reading America the Beautiful

If I lived in Iowa, I’d caucus for Huck

Too bad the Texas primaries aren’t until March!  Huckabee often compares politics to being in a brutal sports arena.  And he’s right.  People of all walks of life get emotional and sometimes downright ugly when pushing for their candidate.  We are very fortunate that in our country, we don’t have riots or burn churches when a certain candidate doesn’t win an election.  I am so grateful for America…for the freedom to choose.  I once again urge you, whether you live in Iowa or New Hampshire or in one of the dozens of states whose primaries are in early February, get … Continue reading If I lived in Iowa, I’d caucus for Huck