Genesis 16-18:Out of my hands and into God’s

Today in church I was really convicted about this blog I am writing.  Our current sermon series is about learning how to incorporate spiritual disciplines in our lives.  Today’s topic was about getting into the Word of God…not for information, but for transformation. Do I read these scriptures just so I can check them off a list?  Do I approach them the way I do the newspaper, skipping over or skimming items that don’t interest me, or do I approach them as I would a letter from a friend?  Do I tweak what I read to make it fit the … Continue reading Genesis 16-18:Out of my hands and into God’s

Loving With Actions

It is with great joy that I introduce the newest member of our “family.” Zulma is a beautiful ten year old girl who lives in Guatemala. She has two brothers and two sisters and lives with her mom and her dad. Her dad is an agriculture worker, and her mom stays home to take care of the family. Recently our family took the step of sponsoring a child — Zulma — through World Vision. Those who have been following this blog know of our trouble to have more children and our struggles with should we or shouldn’t we adopt (me … Continue reading Loving With Actions

America the Beautiful

I am overwhelmed with gratitude this day. Our country is unique in our graceful and peaceful transfer of power…as our leaders pass the baton according to the votes of the American people. There are no rioters in the streets on this day after the election. Those of us who supported McCain now turn our hearts to the good of our country and acknowledge that God’s plans are higher and loftier than anything we can possibly fathom. President Bush’s speech this morning was one of the best examples of the beautiful American spirit that I have ever heard. Regardless of your … Continue reading America the Beautiful

Tears in a Bottle

I spend a great deal of time glossing over hurts.  I push them to the back burner of my heart.  Life as a homeschool mom is crazy and busy enough to keep my mind occupied with the here and now.  Math test?  Check.  Understanding direct objects?  Check.  Learning about forms of energy?  Check. But there is a hurt just beneath the surface, and there are times that it raises its scarred head and screams to be released.  Often this hurt comes out in my dreams, as it did last night. I dreamed a very vivid dream that I was having … Continue reading Tears in a Bottle

Shooting snapshots for my heart

I just realized that the calendar on my wall is still turned to September. In a blink of an eye, everything changes, doesn’t it? Blink. I was ten years old and couldn’t wait to grow up. Blink. I was twenty years old and couldn’t wait to get married. Blink. I was thirty years old and couldn’t wait for my four-year-old to be able to tie her own shoes. Blink. Six years later, I watch and listen as my own nearly-ten-year-old child professes her desire to be all grown up. Today I find myself wandering around in a depressing funk. I … Continue reading Shooting snapshots for my heart