More on the Journey

First, for the journey.  We have this next week to pray and deliberate and make a decision — or not — about whether we want to move forward with adoption.  I am confident that the Lord leads us onward.  Perhaps the answer is Yes, perhaps it is No, and maybe it is Not Yet.  But our daughter is leaving today for a week-long church camp.  This is her very first camp, and I feel a strange mixture of joy and sadness.  I’m so glad she has this opportunity to grow closer to the Lord.  Some of my closest times with … Continue reading More on the Journey

Letting Go

There are strongholds in my life.  I feel fortunate that the Lord has opened my eyes enough to see them.  I know in my head that He has overcome the world and everything the enemy decides to throw at me.  It’s something else, though, to transform the deepest parts of myself that cry out for the light. “And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns.” -Phil 1:6 God isn’t finished with me yet! It is interesting to sit back … Continue reading Letting Go

The Ministry

In 2004, 139 lives were lost each and every minute in the United States.  What claimed those 1,222,100 lives?  Was it cancer?  Diabetes?  Heart disease?  Well, not heart disease in the traditional, clogged arteries sense, but it was due to a heart disease of a different sort.  Over a million women in the U.S. chose to end their children’s lives through abortion.  A heart disease that can’t be fixed through legislation, or through legalization, or through any government agency…but only through the love of Christ. Christ’s love is endless and abundant and covers over every one of our failings. O … Continue reading The Ministry

The Journey Continues

My husband and I attended an adoption workshop on Friday. So much information was discussed that we are still processing and thinking. The sticking point for us isn’t whether or not we think a new child would be good for our family; it is that we already have a good family. We like the fact that our daughter has reached a level of self sufficiency. We are comfortable with our one-child family. And therein lies the rub. As Beth Moore taught during a Life Today taping, we are a society that is addicted to comfort. But following the Lord often … Continue reading The Journey Continues

The Journey

This journey about adoption is in its infancy.  My husband and I haven’t even yet decided for sure that we want to adopt, but I do believe the Lord has a hand in our considering the option. We have a beautiful daughter who is really our miracle child.  Born nearly five weeks early, she was as healthy as a preemie could be.  It’s been nearly ten years since her birth, and in that time we have tried unsuccessfully to have another child. The problem was never my husband — it was me.  Unable to cope with debilitating nausea, I retreated … Continue reading The Journey