More on the Journey

First, for the journey.  We have this next week to pray and deliberate and make a decision — or not — about whether we want to move forward with adoption.  I am confident that the Lord leads us onward.  Perhaps the answer is Yes, perhaps it is No, and maybe it is Not Yet.  But our daughter is leaving today for a week-long church camp.  This is her very first camp, and I feel a strange mixture of joy and sadness.  I’m so glad she has this opportunity to grow closer to the Lord.  Some of my closest times with God occurred at church camps or retreats, and I praise God for that opportunity and pray that she will experience the same, even as young as she is.  I feel sad because my little girl is growing up.  Times moves so swiftly, and the older I get, the faster time flies.  If only I could grab ahold of it and stop time for a moment so I could fully enjoy it!

Since we will be without our daughter, we’ll have some time to devote to our careful study into whether or not we decide to adopt.

I have another post to write with another issue brought to the surface this week, so I’ll end this asking for your prayers that we will put aside SELF, fears, anxieties and seek HIS PLANS for our family.  For I know without a doubt that if adoption is in His plans for us, and we follow those plans, He will make our paths straight.

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