It’s Greek to Me!

A couple of nights ago, I came across a passage in scripture that rocked my world — and not in a good way. Once again the anger of the Lord burned against Israel, and he caused David to harm them by taking a census. “Go and count the people of Israel and Judah,” the Lord told him. (2 Samuel 24:1) The chapter goes on to detail the census and how it took over nine months to complete. Afterwards, David’s conscience bothered him.  So through his seer, Gad, God gave David a choice of three consequences for his sin — sin that apparently God led … Continue reading It’s Greek to Me!

Tearing off the Hood of Shame

Cue the fire and brimstone voice: You are a sinner!  You are a mere worm!  You do not deserve forgiveness!  If you do not repent, if you do not accept Christ as your savior, you worthless sinner, then you are destined for the lake of fire, a horrible place with unending wailing and gnashing of teeth! Messages like the one above are the reason why my family joked that every time I went to church as a young girl, I “walked the aisle” to repent and be absolutely 100% sure I wouldn’t be thrown in that fiery lake. While many … Continue reading Tearing off the Hood of Shame

The Voice In Our Heads

I’m writing this post to encourage those of you who, like me, feel a bit like you are under construction…which should include every one of us, because God promises that He will keep working in us until we are complete.  This has been one of those weeks where I definitely feel the Lord’s presence in my heart. He’s been teaching me some gems. It’s funny how all of a sudden I find ways that He is speaking when I asked Him to teach me and to help me examine my own heart.  Books, friends, songs on the radio, verses in … Continue reading The Voice In Our Heads

Diggin’ for Water

Water — no one disputes the truth that water is essential for life.  Without it, our rivers and wells run dry.  Livestock, other animals, and crops perish during times of devastating drought. A human can only live a few days without it.  Even as I write these words, people are dying in many parts of this world because their waters have run dry. Yet there is another place beyond this living world that we can see and touch that requires another kind of water. Jesus spoke of this kind of mysterious water when he encountered a woman at a well. … Continue reading Diggin’ for Water

“Mathematical” Missions

Today I’m taking a wide angle lens view of a topic that was my least favorite in elementary school and is becoming more and more apparent to me in real life: division. Not long division or fractions or exponents, although as a part-time homeschooling mom I am learning more about those, too.  What I’m talking about is division in the body of Christ. Let’s begin by defining the body of Christ.  I am not referring to his actual body that went into heaven.  In Scripture, the body of Christ is a metaphor for all of Christ’s followers. In Romans 12, we … Continue reading “Mathematical” Missions