Speaking Truth and Beauty

A couple of weeks ago, I was privileged to serve as the speaker at one of Classical Conversations’ summer practicums.  It encouraged my heart to see so many parents eager to find truth and beauty in the subjects they teach their children…even the hard ones. Parents were encouraged, but more importantly, God was glorified!  Moms took to Twitter to share some of their insights: “‘Spirals.  So easy a plant can do it.’ Doodling in Math – Spirals.” “Leigh Bortins – Saxon Math explanations show the ‘deeper magic’ in a problem.” “Never thought I’d ever be sitting in a Math practicum.” “Cross canceling in Math is BEAUTIFUL!” … Continue reading  Speaking Truth and Beauty

Crazy woman inside my head

There’s a crazy woman living inside my head.  Is there one in yours as well? She becomes irritated and annoyed at the tiniest transgressions. While outwardly I appear to be my same, sweet self, the inner me is causing all sorts of havoc — in my mind. Everything — and I mean everything — brings tears to my eyes.  Toads spotted on a walk, a squirrel almost run over under my tires, a dog who keeps getting sick, a commercial about a child going away to college, the scene in Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 1 when Hermione “erased” herself … Continue reading Crazy woman inside my head

Finding the Sacred

The failings of our country are not solely President Obama’s fault. They aren’t even the fault of Congress or the judicial system, although all three play a part in our collective depression.  The ones we really need to examine are the ones who look back at us when we look into a mirror — ourselves. It all started with  this article by conservative columnist Frank Turek in which he blames the church — that is, the entire body of Christ, no matter what flavor or denomination — for the current failings of our country. Specifically, he points to the way … Continue reading Finding the Sacred

Good News….

Well, it’s confirmed that this lady DOES have a brain! And the brain does NOT show any signs of a breakdown in the protective covering of the nerves, which would be MS…so MS is not likely.  Whoo-hoo! The other news is that there is damage to nerves in my neck — a fact that didn’t surprise the doctor after looking at my X-rays. I’m all out of whack, and my spinal column is pressing on the cord and causing damage.  Unfortunately any kind of adjustments to my neck cause intense fibromyalgia flare ups. So no more adjustments, at least for … Continue reading Good News….

The girl has a brain!

Today I plumb near vibrated the fillings out of my teeth.  Well, technically I was not the one doing the vibrating, but since I was stuck in the middle of an MRI tunnel and IT vibrated, I jiggled along for the ride. When my brother, who is deaf and wears hearing aids, told me that HE could hear the noise of an MRI when he last had one, I knew the sucker had to be extremely loud.  I also knew it would be a tight fit.  What I didn’t reckon on was the intense vibration.  Or the itch I got … Continue reading The girl has a brain!