Artifacts in the Closet

My closet is a mess. No, seriously.  I’m taking a break from a clutter/clothes purge.  Ever notice how clutter always, always always gets worse before it gets better? So far I’ve placed about 50 items into two lawn-size trash bags, destined for charity.  I found many lumpy sweaters that I never wore before as well as a “springy” dress that I bought on a whim three years ago…and have not yet worn outside the privacy of my closet.  Every time I put it on, I feel like an over-iced cupcake.  Or a clown. I’ll file this one in the “what … Continue reading Artifacts in the Closet

Random Friday

And now, for something completely different… Happy 43rd Anniversary to my parents!  Theirs is a “made in Hollywood” love story: Smalltown Texas girl graduates high school.  Girl travels to California for a graduation trip.  Girl meets boy.  Two weeks later, boy proposes.  One week later, girl marries boy, moves to California. Two people who had nothing but love formed a bond that endures today.  May you have many more long years together! To celebrate their anniversary, I’m going to get my hair cut.  Well, maybe not for celebratory purposes.  Actually, if I don’t have someone else do it, I will … Continue reading Random Friday

Spiritually, Snow White

My favorite fairy tale when I was a little girl was Snow White.  Being a native Texan, I didn’t know very much about snow.  But I liked the way the huntsman who had been sent by the Evil Stepmother to murder Snow White killed a wild animal in her place: The Huntsman did as the Queen asked – he took the little girl into the forest and prepared to kill her. ‘Please don’t kill me,’ cried Snow White, looking in terror at his big sharp knife. ‘I will run away into the forest and never come back again.’ The Huntsman … Continue reading Spiritually, Snow White

Digging Into the Closet

I live in a small town of barely more than 10,000 people.  There are, however, not one but two self-storage businesses within a five mile radius.  Imagine my surprise to see red earth and bulldozers in a field less than two miles away from my home with a “Coming Soon: Self Storage” sign affixed to a newly erected construction fence.  Soon there will be three self-storage businesses that will be happy to hold on to my stuff. I guess my mind is on storage “crap” today because I am getting up the nerve to clean out the dreaded CLOSET UNDER … Continue reading Digging Into the Closet

Loving With Actions

It is with great joy that I introduce the newest member of our “family.” Zulma is a beautiful ten year old girl who lives in Guatemala. She has two brothers and two sisters and lives with her mom and her dad. Her dad is an agriculture worker, and her mom stays home to take care of the family. Recently our family took the step of sponsoring a child — Zulma — through World Vision. Those who have been following this blog know of our trouble to have more children and our struggles with should we or shouldn’t we adopt (me … Continue reading Loving With Actions