People Are Living Under The Bridge While I Sit In Traffic

I didn’t go to church today. I didn’t go last week, either. The truth is, I’m feeling a little bit like an outcast who has been wallowing with the lipsticked pigs — not at my church, specifically…but in the Church in general.  Something in the American church is desperately missing, and I’m part of the problem. Many people I’ve run into are attracted to Jesus…but they don’t want to have anything to do with “Christians” or with “religion” or “church.”  And many people brought up in Christian homes desert the church as they leave home.  Why? Remember those bracelets all the kids used to wear that … Continue reading People Are Living Under The Bridge While I Sit In Traffic

Unconventional Trailblazer

“The greatest and most inspiring achievements are not produced by those who conform to society’s idea of normal, but by those who courageously adopt the unconventional.” Thus begins the novel that found my husband and then found me.  Searching for a book by Robert Frost, he accidentally stumbled across this book by J.J. Hebert whose main character is named James Frost.  After reading the book in one day, he urged me to read it so we could discuss it together.  I am so glad I did! It’s no accident that the message of this book came along to me at … Continue reading Unconventional Trailblazer

A Lounge Lizard’s Reality

This is the Lounge Lizard, checking in fifteen days post-hysterectomy.  Don’t I look marvelous?  That surgery was truly transformational! I am doing well.  Still tired and occasionally achey, but rejoicing that I will never again have back labor pain every month.  I’m rejoicing that my chronic back pain is now intermittent, my complexion is great now that my skin isn’t oily anymore, and I finally put on makeup for the first time since my surgery.  Yesterday morning we had our family interview at the university-model school we’d like to enroll our daughter in come January.  It was my second outing … Continue reading A Lounge Lizard’s Reality