A Righteous Choice

Confession: two nights this past week I ate potato chips for dinner, and nothing else. I was going to write a lament about food allergies, but instead I find the Lord directing my thoughts in a different direction.  While I ate potato chips because I couldn’t find anything non-allergenic to eat, there are many people in this world who would ration an entire bag of potato chips because it was the ONLY food in the house. While I fret about whether or not food bought in restaurants contain wheat/soy/high fructose corn syrup/whey, there are hungry folks in my own neighborhood … Continue reading A Righteous Choice


The word used for “love” in much of the Bible is also translated as “charity” in the English language.  My father used to call me a “bleeding heart” when I was a teen in angst.  I have not lost my compassion for the poor or the call on my life to live out my faith in the service of others.  You see, every penny we “have” is not our own.  The money in my pocket is actually the Lord’s money, and I strive to make choices such that he will say, one day when I stand before him, “well done, … Continue reading Charity