Birth pains

Some of my readers have recently condemned me as a Christian for posting the YouTube video entitled Dear Mr. Obama. These are people who believe that the Iraq war was a huge mistake and want our troops pulled home now. They support Obama because he did not support the war. They challenged me to think about what Jesus would have done if he was here in this time, in this place. What would Jesus do? First of all, the Lord chose the exact time and place for Jesus to be revealed. He came at a time when the Jews were … Continue reading Birth pains

A Conservative’s Reaction to the Values Forum

For the first time in any election in my lifetime, I feel as if I have been given a glimpse into the two remaining candidates not as the media paints them, but as they are. Last night I watched the Saddleback Church’s forum and came away from the experience having a much better insight into the people behind the political personas. Of course, I’m sure both their answers were part-spin, part-truth. But because both candidates were given the same questions, we can truly compare apples to apples. And compare I did. I even took notes because I wanted to make … Continue reading A Conservative’s Reaction to the Values Forum

Who To Vote For?

NOTE: Huckabee won all 18 delegates from West Virginia this afternoon! This blog is intended to be a “cliff’s notes” for those readers who are just now researching the candidates for the upcoming primary election. I have prayed and researched myself and have come to the conclusion that the best candidate, hands down, is Mike Huckabee. Some of you may wonder why I have thrown myself so passionately into the fray in support of someone the media casts as an underdog. I am voting for Mike Huckabee because…. 1. He is the only candidate who supports a human life amendment … Continue reading Who To Vote For?