A Look at McCain’s Tree

I must begin this post with a disclaimer that I have no intention to malign anyone’s character. I simply want to chip away the layers of gloss and splattered mud to see the truth about the so-called “presumptive” Republican nominee. Who is this man? What is his record? How does he compare to Mike Huckabee on the issues? Many conservatives “hold their nose” when it comes to Senator McCain because of his stance on illegal immigration. Let’s take a look at what he himself has said about illegal immigration: On Amnesty, to a Tuscon newspaper, 2003 “Amnesty has to be … Continue reading A Look at McCain’s Tree

How Huckabee Can Win: Kansas, Louisiana and Washington — Read Before Voting!

Many of my conservative readers are shaking their heads in concern.  They do not want to “hold their noses and vote for McCain,” as his mother so eloquently put it.  If you are a voter in Kansas, Louisiana or Washington, don’t vote for McCain unless you really see him as the next leader of our country.  If, like me, you desire a leader with unfailing, unwavering conservative principles and a record to match it, check out Mike Huckabee.  Don’t listen to the media pundits.  Who chooses the President in our country: the media, or the people? Remember that the Lord … Continue reading How Huckabee Can Win: Kansas, Louisiana and Washington — Read Before Voting!

Conservatives, Have Faith!

My nine year old daughter wrote a beautiful essay about faith yesterday…. Yesterday, before Governor Romney dropped out of the race.  Before Dr. James Dobson endorsed Mike Huckabee for president.  Before the momentum behind Mike Huckabee rose up and up and up, as blogs on his website kept getting more and more comments and the ticker showing the money raised for the campaign kept getting higher and higher. Indeed, faith is believing in something that is unseen…it is believing in our God and trusting him to preserve us and our nation.  From Hebrews 11 we learn that: 1Now faith is … Continue reading Conservatives, Have Faith!