Time keeps marching on!  On this third day before surgery, I’ve done very little except rest and eat and rest some more.  This afternoon I finally felt like I was turning the corner and have been able to eat more…even a snickerdoodle cookie!  Now that I can no longer have chocolate (boo!), snickerdoodles are my new favorite snack. Looking ahead to this weekend, I thought I would be jittery and scared to death. Yet so far that is not the case at all.  I am experiencing that peace that passes human comprehension; it can only be the Lord guarding my … Continue reading Post-Hyster-Wish-List

High Maintenance Patient

I’ve entered the traditional countdown…my surgery is ten days away. Unless it is postponed, that is. Dr. Reisler called me on Friday to discuss some concerns he has about some of my symptoms, particularly the pain I experience on my diaphragm.  He has advised me to Schedule an appointment ASAP with a gastroenterologist to get an opinion on whether my cyclic pain might be related to endometriosis on my diaphragm or bowel and request a CT scan of my upper abdomen prior to surgery (pushing the surgery back, if I can’t get in to the gastroenterologist next week). Meet with … Continue reading High Maintenance Patient