High Maintenance Patient

I’ve entered the traditional countdown…my surgery is ten days away.

Unless it is postponed, that is.

Dr. Reisler called me on Friday to discuss some concerns he has about some of my symptoms, particularly the pain I experience on my diaphragm.  He has advised me to

  • Schedule an appointment ASAP with a gastroenterologist to get an opinion on whether my cyclic pain might be related to endometriosis on my diaphragm or bowel and request a CT scan of my upper abdomen prior to surgery (pushing the surgery back, if I can’t get in to the gastroenterologist next week).
  • Meet with a general surgeon who will assist at my surgery in case they discover unusual adhesions or other situations, such as endometriosis on my diaphragm, that Dr. Reisler is not comfortable treating himself.

His “gut feeling” is that my hormonal fluctuations are causing my pain, but because he is so thorough, he wants to make sure we address everything and get an opinion from the gastroenterologist.  It would not be good to have the hysterectomy only to discover that my pain is due to something on my diaphragm that would require another surgery if it could be addressed at the same time.

So, tomorrow morning I will be working the phones in an attempt to see my gastroenterologist.  This is in addition to my appointment on Wednesday with the hematologist to see if hormone replacement therapy will work for my condition and what should be done for me during surgery.

I feel like a medical version of Sally, Meg Ryan’s character in When Harry Met Sally. Sally was extremely “high maintenance.”  That’s me, folks.  Unusual pain symptoms. Blood clot susceptibility. Phobia to nausea. Allergy to NSAIDs, so pain management after surgery will be tricky.  I am the definition of a High Maintenance Patient!  Too bad I don’t have her beauty! :o)

I saw a twitter posting the other day that really resonated with my belief that I need to JUST BELIEVE.  It said if you pray for rain, be sure to carry an umbrella!  In other words, act as if your prayer has already been answered.  For me this means that I need to act as if God already has all the bases covered for me.  His will for me will be done.  If surgery is still His plan for me for October 26, then there will be room for me to get an appointment.  God is the God of everything, including high maintenance patients, patient appointments, surgeon schedules, and surgery countdowns.

One thought on “High Maintenance Patient

  1. You are in Great Hands. Even your physician sounds to have all basis covered and is thorough. These things need to be fussed out.
    God bless your patience and tolerance. A true testament to what a faith based belief system can do.

    I believe from personal experience from my own endometriosis surgery 21 yrs ago the endometriosis does travel. It had with me to several more organs then originally believed. Ones that I had no symptoms from. It’s good to have those prepared skilled extra sets of hands there ready if need be.

    I don’t pretend to know all that you’ve shared here on your blog, but I am working on getting caught up to date.
    Please be sure and keep us posted

    Oh, by the way. There is not a thing wrong with being high maintenance : )

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