He Covers Me

Well, the clock is ticking away, and I am just four days away from (gulp) having my surgery.  Today has been a MUCH better day than previous ones in terms of pain.  I was just a hair away from going to the ER a couple of times this past week.  But I stuck it out (and lost another two pounds).  My dear husband took me to Target today so I could purchase some items I may need in my recovery and to stock up on groceries since I won’t be able to to the shopping for awhile.  I very nearly … Continue reading He Covers Me

High Maintenance Patient

I’ve entered the traditional countdown…my surgery is ten days away. Unless it is postponed, that is. Dr. Reisler called me on Friday to discuss some concerns he has about some of my symptoms, particularly the pain I experience on my diaphragm.  He has advised me to Schedule an appointment ASAP with a gastroenterologist to get an opinion on whether my cyclic pain might be related to endometriosis on my diaphragm or bowel and request a CT scan of my upper abdomen prior to surgery (pushing the surgery back, if I can’t get in to the gastroenterologist next week). Meet with … Continue reading High Maintenance Patient


Sledgehammer…or flyswatter.  That is the question for me today. I took an enormous leap this morning and went ahead and pre-registered with the hospital for my surgery.  And although I am mostly resolved about the way forward, I wonder sometimes if I am not dealing with my medical issues with a sledgehammer rather than a flyswatter.  Sledgehammer: hysterectomy.  Flyswatter: diagnostic scope and ablation and hormones. Yet when I consider that over the past month, I’ve had maybe three days of feeling decent and yucky pain the rest of the time…when I consider that my doctor told me I am now … Continue reading Sledgehammer

The Visible Changes

As promised, here’s the After: What do you think?  Better than the before?  Granted, I did what all those “Makeover” magazines do and took the “Before” photo without makeup.  But then I had to go to the mall.  To detract from my Very Bad Hair, I had to put on some mascara and lipstick.  You’ve done that before, right? I confess that I haven’t been taking great care of myself lately.  It’s hard to make the effort to put on jeans that snap when your belly hurts so much you end up unsnapping them later and hope no one notices! … Continue reading The Visible Changes

Big Day Scheduled

October 26th is the Big Day.  It’s the day that I will take the plunge and get rid of my inner girl parts, forever.  As one of my good friends told me once, what has my uterus done for me lately, anyway? 🙂 Of course as soon as I scheduled the surgery, my internet research trying to find funny quotes (I need a little humor to get me through this!) instead brought up horrible websites that demean the practice of hysterectomy and blame doctors for pushing it on patients.  They advise women to be strong and tough and WAIT IT … Continue reading Big Day Scheduled