Crazy woman inside my head

There’s a crazy woman living inside my head.  Is there one in yours as well? She becomes irritated and annoyed at the tiniest transgressions. While outwardly I appear to be my same, sweet self, the inner me is causing all sorts of havoc — in my mind. Everything — and I mean everything — brings tears to my eyes.  Toads spotted on a walk, a squirrel almost run over under my tires, a dog who keeps getting sick, a commercial about a child going away to college, the scene in Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 1 when Hermione “erased” herself … Continue reading Crazy woman inside my head

Teeny No More

I beheld a woman holding a teeny tiny baby at the checkout today at the grocery store, and there it was: the instantaneous weep.  Somehow these days the mere sight of a fresh newborn baby brings prickles to my nose and drippy tears to my eyes.  When they took my womb in the hysterectomy, I think they also must have surgically extracted a little piece of my heart. But here is my sweetheart, all stretched out after landing a jump today at ice skating practice.  When I was a wee little one myself, I used to watch figure skating on … Continue reading Teeny No More

The good, the bad and the ugly tirade

And now, it’s time for a status report on our move from homeschooling to partnering with a University Model School. The Good My daughter’s teachers ROCK!  They genuinely love their students and have all been so welcoming to our entire family.  They are encouraging and helpful, respond to my endless emailed questions in a timely manner, and have extended grace as we adjust to this change.  My daughter is already participating in group work, which was one of the main draws for us.  Our “only” child needed to learn how to work with other students toward a common goal.  Our … Continue reading The good, the bad and the ugly tirade

Fighting the Big Bad Wolf

Apparently a wolf in sheep’s clothing….is still a wolf. Several weeks ago I found out that an endoscopic biopsy found that I had a bacterial infection in my stomach.  Heliopacter Pylori is a hardy bug that is highly resistant to antibiotics.  At least thirty percent of the general population walk around with this bacteria happily coexisting without causing any problems.  Some people, though, develop gastritis, which is a long word that basically means stomach inflammation.  The best way to get better is to eradicate those H Pylori germs with antibiotics. And more antibiotics.  And more antibiotics. Seeing as how I’d … Continue reading Fighting the Big Bad Wolf

Silver Roots

Three weeks post-op, and I have graduated from Lounge Lizard to…well, I haven’t really graduated yet.  I’m still a Lounge Lizard.  As I told my dad the other day, I FEEL better than I really am.  There are moments that I actually feel normal.  But give me a little while on my feet, and my abs and back start complaining and groaning.  I’m not sure how much of this weariness and muscle pain is due to the surgery, being out of shape, or fibromyalgia.  It’s probably a combination.  But the pain responds well to rest, heat, and a little Tylenol. … Continue reading Silver Roots