Against All Odds: Can Huck win Super Tuesday?

Many things in life happen against all odds. Last night’s surprise ending to the Super Bowl, for one. I’ve written a lot about the underdog and how the Lord often uses those least suited, in our eyes, anyway, to accomplish His goals. One such underdog was David, who not only defeated Goliath but was also an accomplished writer. Reading the Psalms is like looking into the soul of a man who, though flawed, sought to please God in everything he did. Those of us who support the Republican primary’s underdog, Mike Huckabee, can learn a lot about achieving victory in … Continue reading Against All Odds: Can Huck win Super Tuesday?

Huckabee and the Goliath News Media

In history class, we learned about the Spanish-American War and the role of so-called “yellow journalism” in ultimately pushing for America’s involvement in the Cuban conflict. Two competing newspapers, one owned by William Randolph Hearst and the other by Joseph Pulitzer II, published ever-increasing sensationalized stories in an effort to gain more subscribers. When Hearst’s two highest-paid reporters stationed in Cuba sent him a telegram saying that there was not much action, he replied with his now-famous quote: You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war. Today’s major news corporations like to think that they hold themselves to a … Continue reading Huckabee and the Goliath News Media

Mysteries Abound In The Underdog

Life.  It’s teeming with the mysterious.  Scientists spend decades, even centuries, trying to figure out the inner workings of our physical bodies and our mental capacities.  We’ve created machines that take us soaring higher than eagles.  Computer technology allows us to know about events halfway across the world within minutes of them happening.  We can communicate with each other across thousands of miles while sitting in our cars or hiking in parks.  With all of these technological advances, the message of the cross to those who don’t believe seems…out of touch.  Who ever heard of someone coming back to life … Continue reading Mysteries Abound In The Underdog