Looking on the Bright (i.e., sizzling) Side of Life

I don’t have to look at the seven day forecast to know what the weather’s going to be around here.  I already know that my back will “glisten” (that’s a nice way of saying “drip with sweat”) five nanoseconds after buckling myself into my car.  In the next seven days, the grass will get crispier, more leaves from our tree will flutter to the ground in defeat, and our pool will be warm enough to be classified as a very large hot tub. I write these predictions with certainty in hopes that perhaps the Lord will do what he often … Continue reading Looking on the Bright (i.e., sizzling) Side of Life

Dealing With “Deadgetation”

I admit it.  I have a brown thumb.  But I promise I didn’t cause this travesty. I didn’t do it! The only times I’ve even crossed the threshold into the back yard have been to let the dog out.  (She didn’t do it, either.  She’s not tall enough!) I don’t have far to look, though, to see the culprit in this dastardly episode of deadgetation: It’s August in Texas.  We know it’s going to be hot.  We’re used to gingerly lowering ourselves on the steaming surface of the seats in the car. We know how to run errands in the … Continue reading Dealing With “Deadgetation”