Looking on the Bright (i.e., sizzling) Side of Life

I don’t have to look at the seven day forecast to know what the weather’s going to be around here.  I already know that my back will “glisten” (that’s a nice way of saying “drip with sweat”) five nanoseconds after buckling myself into my car.  In the next seven days, the grass will get crispier, more leaves from our tree will flutter to the ground in defeat, and our pool will be warm enough to be classified as a very large hot tub.

I write these predictions with certainty in hopes that perhaps the Lord will do what he often does and thwart man’s beliefs about the road ahead.  I remember riding in my dad’s old International pickup truck with the windows rolled down when I was kid.  My legs stuck to the seat and made a disgusting “shlurp” sound as I fidgeted, trying to get comfortable.

The truck was a work in progress, but my dad had it running.  The radio worked just fine that day when the newscaster announced with an excited certainty in his voice that weather forecasters were calling for a 100% chance of rain later that afternoon.  My dad took a good look at the wide, hot sky and proclaimed that they just jinxed any chance for rain.  You see, dad believed that if you tried to play “God” and predict things with 100% certainty that only He himself knew, you were setting yourself up for a wake-up call from the Lord who would turn the tables…just to show who was really in charge.

It did not rain that day. And God really IS in charge.

He is bigger than the high pressure system parked over our state, bigger than the hurricane bearing down on our neighbors to the east, and bigger than the floods impacting our friends in the north.

Lord, would you show your glory this week?  Would you cause changes in the weather that will remind the scientists that their predictions and computer models are just that — models — and aren’t the gospel truth of the matter?  Because I feel like I’m about to melt. And if you chose not to answer my prayer, would you change my heart so I can be grateful in and through all things, even this incessant heat?

Because being grateful is a good practice, I’ll even try it now.

Why I am Grateful for No Rain and 56 Days over 100 Degrees…and Counting

1. The heat and lack of rain has killed off the mosquitoes, so when I take the dog out, I don’t have to do the mosquito dance and spray on nasty chemicals to keep them away.

2. The influx of door-to-door salesmen has dwindled to zero.

3. I can drive a dirty car now without feeling guilty about my lack of auto-hygeine.  Those water restrictions, you know?

4. If the electricity goes out, I can fry an egg, bake cookies, and broil a hot dog on the sidewalk.

5. My bones aren’t aching from the cold.

6. The neighborhood birds take baths in our pool to cool off in the heat, and it’s fun to watch the dog go crazy wanting to chase them.

7. Everybody in Wal-Mart has a sweaty back. So it’s not just me.

8. Probably deodorant and antiperspirant companies are enjoying healthy profits this season in this part of the country.

9. The dead, crispy garden means next year I might be able to finally eradicate the invasive mint, provided there’s any topsoil left!

10. The heat gives my face that natural glow, decreasing the need for cosmetics (since they all roll off in perspiration, anyway!)

That’s all I’ve got, and I had to dig down deep for those.  Give me grace for the corny ones.  I’m trying to look on the hot, sizzling (bright) side of things as I simultaneously pray pray pray for relief and thank God for answering…whether I like his answer or not.

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