Fixing the Economy Begins With Me

My husband shared with me last night that our retirement fund is exactly HALF of what it was just three months ago. Fortunately the price of gas is also half of what it was a few months ago…but we can’t retire on our gasoline savings, can we? The economy in America is teetering. You might compare it to a glorious house stuffed with gold and diamonds and platinum napkin rings. Lots of luxurious “must-have” items fill every room of this house called American Dream. The closets are so full of the latest fashions that it’s hard to shut the doors. … Continue reading Fixing the Economy Begins With Me

Stop Pointing At The Other Guy!

There is no doubt that our nation’s economics are in a huge mess.  In an effort to prevent another Great Depression, our government wants to use up to $700Billion (or more) of taxpayer money to buy up “bad” mortagages and debt. An article describing the fiasco in today’s Dallas Morning News summed it up this way: The action amounts to a massive bailout of banks and other investors that lowered their standards to make loans to borrowers who wouldn’t ordinarily qualify for a home loan. Congress has the administration’s brief, 3-page proposal and is apparently gearing up to add many … Continue reading Stop Pointing At The Other Guy!

Florida Conservatives Unite…Vote Huckabee Tomorrow!

Since I used to live in the Sunshine State, I know at least a little about what I speak. I lived on the Atlantic side of Florida in what’s known as the First Coast. Our suburb was separated from the city by a three mile bridge. My husband’s twenty mile commute sometimes took over ninety minutes, one way. If there was an accident or construction on the bridge, he had to drive on a loop completely around the other side of the city to get home. Needless to say, he spent many so many hours on the road getting to … Continue reading Florida Conservatives Unite…Vote Huckabee Tomorrow!