The Fly on the Wall

I just watched Newt Gingrich’s speech at Friday night’s GOP fundraiser.  I’m so thankful for technology that allows me to be the proverbial fly on the wall at these events. I am more convinced than ever that Newt’s intelligence, wit, experience, dignity and classiness will help bring our nation back from the brink. I’m really impressed that he spent time complimenting his fellow competitors (not opponents.) The media will continue to ignore him until he shoots up in the polls, so educate yourself on what he — and the other candidates — stand for. Here’s the clip so you can … Continue reading The Fly on the Wall

Where the rubber meets the road

It’s interesting how we Christians are called to live in this world, but apart from this world.  Yet those of us in America are fortunate enough to get to have a say in our country’s governance.  It presents an interesting dichotomy for me…as a Christian, I know my God is sovereign.  I know that he already has this election “in the bag.”  He doesn’t have to watch the news on November 4th to see the election returns because time is nothing to him.  On the other hand, a part of me wants to “help” God out by telling people I … Continue reading Where the rubber meets the road