Heart Trouble

Corruption? That’s a heart problem. Pork-barrel politics? Another heart problem. Inability to vote yes or no, only present? Yup, a heart problem. Name-calling? Heart problem. Stagnation and indecision? Heart problem. Greed? Heart problem. Now is the time for Christians to band together in one body to pray like we’ve never prayed before. It is way past time for us to pray for our President, our Presidential candidates, our congressmen, our senators, their aides and assistants, the President’s cabinet, leaders on Wall Street, leaders on Main Street, and each other. This fiasco has gone way beyond who will get elected this … Continue reading Heart Trouble

Religious Ignorance

The mainstream media has a bias against anything and everything related to the Christian or Jewish religions. These media pundits grew up and were schooled in a time when the Bible was taken out of public classrooms, so it is not surprising that they now have an anti-God, anti-Christian mindset. It stands to reason that someone who grows up without much religious instruction would then believe anything bad enough to be taken out of schools must be inherently bad or somehow evil. The sad part is that much of our American history is rooted in religion.  In an effort to … Continue reading Religious Ignorance