A Dog’s Life

Yesterday morning dawned bright and extremely smelly. I will spare you the disgusting details, but suffice it to say that my old Dal had an accident that transformed my home into what seemed like a cesspool. If the DirtyJobs camera crew from the Discovery Channel had been here, they would have had a field day. I found a two-year-old video of him and sat amazed as I realized just how much he’s aged since we’ve been back in Texas. Quite frankly, the realization broke my heart. In the video, he was spry and alert. I called his name, and his … Continue reading A Dog’s Life

Tears in a Bottle

I spend a great deal of time glossing over hurts.  I push them to the back burner of my heart.  Life as a homeschool mom is crazy and busy enough to keep my mind occupied with the here and now.  Math test?  Check.  Understanding direct objects?  Check.  Learning about forms of energy?  Check. But there is a hurt just beneath the surface, and there are times that it raises its scarred head and screams to be released.  Often this hurt comes out in my dreams, as it did last night. I dreamed a very vivid dream that I was having … Continue reading Tears in a Bottle

A Girl’s Best Friend

Today I had to leave our beloved twelve year old Dalmatian at the vet. He’s been ill the past three days; he can’t hold down any food. Twelve is a long life for a breed of dog whose average life span is about eight years old. Despite being so sick, this dog of mine is as happy as he can be. His tail thumps and he still wants to follow me everywhere I go — this even though his hips are so arthritic he can no longer climb up on the couch easily or jump on the bed or even … Continue reading A Girl’s Best Friend