My Cure, and Yours

This is a photo of crystalized honey.  Chemically speaking, honey is made up of a naturally-occuring sugar called fructose.  2012 marks the year that my digestive health did an about-face when I learned that, for me, fructose is evil. Last fall, on the advice of a doctor, I tried following a gluten-free diet.  And I got much, much worse.  I dropped nearly ten pounds in a month.  My stomach pains became more frequent and debilitating.  I developed an H Pylori infection.  Clearly, gluten was not the evil culprit. I noticed a pattern to my stomach pains.  Usually they happened in … Continue reading My Cure, and Yours

The Anxious Lounge Lizard

It’s somewhat of a dreary day today in north Texas, although the temperature is pleasant.  It makes me happy to see the knock out roses still in bloom here on the sixth day of November.  They didn’t like our harsh summer but are flourishing in our mild fall.  Of course, the low temperature is supposed to be in the 30s and 40s by mid-week, but I will enjoy them while they persist. Speaking of persistence…. This little baby doll has been attached to my hip ever since I got back from the hospital.  She follows me everywhere and is not … Continue reading The Anxious Lounge Lizard