My Cure, and Yours

This is a photo of crystalized honey.  Chemically speaking, honey is made up of a naturally-occuring sugar called fructose.  2012 marks the year that my digestive health did an about-face when I learned that, for me, fructose is evil. Last fall, on the advice of a doctor, I tried following a gluten-free diet.  And I got much, much worse.  I dropped nearly ten pounds in a month.  My stomach pains became more frequent and debilitating.  I developed an H Pylori infection.  Clearly, gluten was not the evil culprit. I noticed a pattern to my stomach pains.  Usually they happened in … Continue reading My Cure, and Yours

How Can I Eat a Cookie If I Can’t Have Wheat?

I’ve always heard that we ARE what we EAT. We’ve known for years that ingesting too much sugar can lead to all sorts of diseases, such as diabetes, and that a high fat, high carb diet can lead to heart disease.  But what happens when we find out that the healthy food we eat is the source of our infirmities? I recently completed a blood test called the ALCAT to check for food intolerances.  The ALCAT measures the way a person’s blood cells react to certain foods, chemicals, drugs, and other substances.  A control sample of my blood was charted. … Continue reading How Can I Eat a Cookie If I Can’t Have Wheat?

The Good, the Bad, and the Glutens

My gluten free experience has been far from typical.  Today marks Day 33 of this lifestyle, and these are things I have learned: 1. Farewell to the Drive Thru Queen.  I did not fully realize my addiction to the ease of fast food until I went gluten free and suddenly stopped eating it. I began planning to cook extra food at dinner so I would have leftovers for lunches. 2. Gluten is OmniPresent.  It really is in most products on supermarket shelves — except, of course, in fresh produce and meats, which quickly became my new cuisine. 3. Gluten Free … Continue reading The Good, the Bad, and the Glutens

Give Us This Day Our Daily (gluten-free) Bread…

Today I almost heard the angels sing. Yesterday I started a two week experiment with a gluten-free diet.  The timing was not the greatest since I also traveled to deep East Texas in the middle of nowhere for a few days.  I figured I’d just endure a few days with no bread or cereals or sweets or anything else worth living for while I visited my parents.  This diet is particularly troublesome for me because I am a snacker.  I eat small amounts several times a day — yes, like a bird.  Who wants to snack on meat? :0) I … Continue reading Give Us This Day Our Daily (gluten-free) Bread…