Changing the face in the mirror

  This post is a shout out to all the Helicopter Mommas out there in Homeschool Land.  In this world of seat belts, knee pads, bicycle helmets, cell phone tracking, car alarms and baby monitors, we Mammas prize safety (i.e., control) above many other ideals as we rear our children. Or at least I do, control FREAK that I am. My “little” girl is bigger than me, smarter than me, and (obviously) possesses much more strength and agility than I do, what with her being young and me being, well, not-so-young.  Yet in my heart, I still see this:   … Continue reading Changing the face in the mirror

Hello, my name is Christie, and I am a Mean Homeschool Mom

Lest you think from my previous post that we have it all together in homeschool-land, my Challenge 1 (i.e., 9th Grade/Freshman/Going on Thirty) daughter is throwing fiery darts at me with her eyes because I am making her complete work on a Sunday night.  Mind you, this is work that should have been completed by Friday night.  It was written in the planner…but it didn’t get done, and *I* did not check for completeness until 7:30 tonight, assuming erroneously that when my daughter said it was all done, it was.  Except for those four things that didn’t get done.  Including … Continue reading Hello, my name is Christie, and I am a Mean Homeschool Mom

Twenty things I wish I had known about CC’s Challenge Program

Everything I wish someone had told me before my daughter started Classical Conversation’s Challenge Program… Get everything in the guide written on a schedule.  If it’s not explicitly written down, one or both of us forget it! Give her space and room.  Don’t be a helicopter.  This is her time to make mistakes, grow, and learn to be responsible. Sit down and do all the math with her every day.  The challenge of “beating mom” has turned math time from agony into a fast-and-furious math throw-down.  She’s in Challenge 1 this year, and this is the first year I’m doing the math with her each day. … Continue reading Twenty things I wish I had known about CC’s Challenge Program

The Art of Learning

I will never forget Z. He was one of my elementary school students that I wanted to take home and adopt. He and his sister were left alone in a park overnight by their mother. He came to my classroom, and I loved him like he was my own son. I loved all my students, but when I think of the little ones whose lives touched mine, his impish grin is the one I remember most. I taught Z and my other students with everything I had within me, using creativity and inspiration from the Lord at those times when … Continue reading The Art of Learning