Tick Tock

One of my all-time favorite movies is Dirty Dancing.  I was a dancer as a youngling and grew quite famous for it in my former imaginary life.  I watched and re-watched Flashdance and Fame (the old versions) and still harbor a secret desire to learn how to do the Salsa with my hubby. So when reviewing the images I took of my daughter during one of her skating lessons yesterday, this one made my heart jump all the way into my throat: When exactly did my little girl get so grown up?  She’s almost as tall as her coach!  When … Continue reading Tick Tock

Teeny No More

I beheld a woman holding a teeny tiny baby at the checkout today at the grocery store, and there it was: the instantaneous weep.  Somehow these days the mere sight of a fresh newborn baby brings prickles to my nose and drippy tears to my eyes.  When they took my womb in the hysterectomy, I think they also must have surgically extracted a little piece of my heart. But here is my sweetheart, all stretched out after landing a jump today at ice skating practice.  When I was a wee little one myself, I used to watch figure skating on … Continue reading Teeny No More

My inspiration

These are my girls.  Aren’t they beautiful?  My daughter is growing so quickly that even though this photo was taken this past summer, she’s already changed and is taller and leaner — even her face is looking more grown up.  My Canine daughter, however, looks just the same as always.  Too cute to ignore.  When she turns those puppy dog eyes on me, I give her anything she wants.  Bacon.  Kix.  Bacon.  A belly rub.  But no puppy kisses.  Bleh.  I can’t stand those. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter or read me frequently on this blog, you … Continue reading My inspiration