This blog is good….er, propitious

Nearly every summer day I drive by our neighborhood elementary school on my way to and from various errands.  Each time I have to fight the urge to climb out of my car, stalk up to the marquee, and rearrange letters. Have a safe and fun summer.” is the message on the marquee. My contention with this sign is that both adjectives used are boring and bland.  In IEW, we called those kinds of words “banned words” and did not let our students use them.  Other banned adjectives were: bad, ugly, sad, mad, and so on.  If I had a … Continue reading This blog is good….er, propitious

Flunking the Future?

Arugh!  I wrote a post about education, but somehow it got lost in cyberspace.  Because it is after 11pm, and because my eyes are getting fuzzy, I will have to make do with the quick and dirty version. Public Schools Flunk Out.  Only 34% of ninth graders who took the new STAAR test passed English 1 Writing and Reading.  Our students deserve better.  Public schools ought to take a page from homeschoolers and try other curriculum, such as Institute for Excellence in Writing.  My daughter began using IEW in the second semester of her 4th grade year. Here is my … Continue reading Flunking the Future?